A Warm Welcome
with Mountain Flavors

With mountain game such as venison sushi and a hot pot of wild boar, river fish like amago and ayu, or vegetables grown in Asahikan’s own crops or picked from these mountains, Asahikan takes the time to use as many local ingredients as possible to offer guests a meal that can only be had at a Japanese inn tucked into the mountains. Please take in the view of the garden while you enjoy your meal.

Passed Down from Previous Generations,
the Specialty of Asahikan

Made with a recipe passed down from previous generations, Asahikan’s yuzu yokan dessert is slowly stirred in a traditional wood-fire pot. Its elegant sweetness and hints of yuzu citrus have made it a local favorite. It is offered as a snack with tea for guests staying the night. Please enjoy it with tea picked from Asahikan’s own tea crop. Available from October to April.

Bento Lunches Also Available

When heading out to climb a mountain or enjoy an outdoor activity, how about taking a bento lunch from Asahikan? The bento lunch of course uses many local ingredients. (In the mountains, please beware of soaring kites and other birds that have their eye out for delicious things.)
Price: ¥850. Please order at least three days in advance.

Mountain Information